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What We Do

Khula Web Solutions was started in 2007 to support the growing need of website development services for small to medium sized business in South Africa. The business has continued to grow rapidly over the years by securing a couple of key contracts both overseas and local. Our teams experience goes back over 20 years in the industry.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in the systems we build.

We aim to provide solid solutions while always ensuring quality workmanship and excellent value. We strive to build long term customer relations based on honest and reliable service.


Consulting is the first step in any web development project. We provide advice and tips on all aspects of building a website. Ranging from hosting, design, development, open source or customised solutions, SEO and much more. If you have a question or problem, we have the answer and solution!


Building your website takes a lot of preparation from gathering content, agreeing on a theme, layout and style to suit your branding to choosing any number of the diverse coding languages that can be used. You never need to worry about any of these choices! We will give you the best solution for your website needs.


Having a website is all very nice, but without promoting it you are left with an empty shop up a side alley. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to your online success. We prepare your site for Google and other search engines so you are ranked highly for keywords related to the content on your website.


Our projects range from basic small business websites for those just looking for a web presence to e-commerce stores and full scale bespoke online systems. We must have built well over 200 websites in our short existence and every single one was different and had its unique challenges.


The Team

We are a passionate bunch to say the least and come from all walk of backgrounds.  At times there are more in our team depending on the work load and projects we have on the go.  In those cases we have a few super stars to call on that go above and beyond what is possible.


Darryn started the business in 2007 after seeing a need for website development in the area and at the same time pursuing his passion for coding and design. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and is always seeking new opportunities of building businesses online.


Andrea, is our in-house online marketer, she oversees all aspects of the marketing funnels and budgets for our clients. Andrea’s experience includes Project Management in a high profile tech company, many years as a teacher and she is a self-published author.


Bongo is our development ninja.  He oversees all aspects of the development process from specification and design to full blown coding and database development.  He loves learning new technologies and thrives on complex challenges.


My perceptions about working with a web developer before we came into contact with Khula were complex and time-consuming process, with a lot of potential problems to maintain an up-to-date and current website.  Working with Khula have certainly changed all my perceptions.  Highly recommended.


The web developers I approached before Khula did not take the time to try and understand our needs, and therefore quoted an exorbitantly high figure for a web site which was way beyond what we wanted or needed.  So I felt they were not that interested in providing the service.  My perception of other web developers remains unchanged … but I am very happy that we had Khula design our site and will be very happy working with Darryn on upgrading our site when needed in the future.


A description of the service at Khula Web Solutions would be that they are very reliable.  All we had to do is give them as much information about the company as possible in order for them to deliver a good result.  In spite of our limited input they came up with a great website, which we certainly need to improve on from our side.  I would suggest asking Khula for ideas if you are clueless, pretty much like we were.


My perceptions of a web developer before we met Khula was of a narrow minded computer geek oozing arrogance and no sense of business or interpersonal skills.  The service is great, the quality is superior and the value for money is unmatchable at the moment and that has changed my perception for sure.  The number of people who have viewed our site has asked about the developer and have referred some to the developer for them to experience the wonderful personal service, great quality work and at a superior price.




Often abroad, but mostly living in East London, South Africa.

+27 (0) 82 7566083

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