The service offered by Khula Web Solutions is technically competent, timely, innovative and flexible.  Highly recommended.

Khula Web Solutions won our tender process for the website development.  They issued a very competitively priced tender that included all the required technical specifications and support requirements.

My perceptions about working with a web developer before we came into contact with Khula were complex and time-consuming process, with a lot of potential problems to maintain an up-to-date and current website.

Khula Web Solutions has provided excellent service and has trouble-shooted all our issues as they arose in a timely manner.  We currently have no technical or content problems with our website.

Cara Jordan
Your service is excellent and your costs very reasonable.  It would be my pleasure to recommend you as being professional, yet caring and understanding of our needs, informative and very, very helpful especially to someone with little IT knowledge.

Khula was referred to us by one of our long term and trusted IT suppliers who had  very high praise for Darryn's work.

The web developers I approached before Khula did not take the time to try and understand our needs, and therefore quoted an exhorbitantly high figure for a web site which was way beyond what we wanted or needed.  So I felt they were not that interested in providing the service.

My perception of other web developers remains unchanged ... but I am very happy that we had Khula design our site and will be very happy working with Darryn on upgrading our site when needed in the future.

Cheryl Steenekamp
Dennis Collins Jewellers
A description of the service at Khula Web Solutions would be that they are very reliable.  All we had to do is give them as much information about the company as possible in order for them to deliver a good result.

In spite of our limited input they came up with a great website – which we certainly need to improve on from our side.

I would suggest asking Khula for ideas if you are clueless – pretty much like we were.

Aubrey Peel
G-Man Construction
Referred to Khula by KWS’s ex client. I was told to expect good quality work, great service and care at an affordable price. That’s what made me choose Khula over others.

My perceptions of a web developer before we met Khula was of a narrow minded computer geek oozing arrogance and no sense of business or interpersonal skills.

The service is great, the quality is superior and the value for money is unmatachable at the moment and that has changed my perception for sure.

The number of people who have viewed our site has asked about the developer and have referred some to the developer for them to experience the wonderful personal service, great quality work and at a superior price. That’s how I would describe Khula’s servive to us. The fact that we have 3 sites that are managed by Khula is a testimony to our satisfaction as we know very well, we do not compromise on service and quality.

Malik Vazi
Zeal Health, Mental Health First Aid, IFIHP

Technical Support

We offer a unique service in that we can give you support any time of the day. Often with the demand of our working schedule we are up anyway.
Simply send us an email to and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.