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Is it real?  Are these affiliate marketers really making the kind of money they say they are making?

I have been following a particular blog for quite some time and this guy is the real deal.  He has no product to sell, I have never received a single offer from any other product he is promoting as an affiliate unless he really believes it will benefit someone, but he still places a disclaimer saying that he will receive commision if you purchase the product.

His name is Pat Flynn and his website is called Smart Passive Income. –

Every month Pat produces an income report of exactly how he makes his money online, down to the last cent.  Okay, his main source of income comes from the website and through his resource page, but these are actual products he uses and recommends.  He doesn’t tell you to go buy them at all.  He actually shows you the free way to do it.

His blog posts are very informative and he shows you a great tactic of getting your site to the number one spot in Google.

Make sure you check it out.  If the web was filled with more people like Pat, the whole world will be a better place.  He deserves everything he earns, because he gives so much back.

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