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Over the last couple of years I have been involved in the Internet Marketing game.  I actually started out in 2006 and started earning a couple hundred dollars each month by selling a few products and advertising on Google Adwords.  Needless to say the game changed quite drastically in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising and I ended up loosing a bit of money, because what used to cost $0.10 per click was now costing over $1.00.  If you have an ad that converts to 1 sale for every 100 clicks and you only getting a commission of $25 or so, well…. it’s a no brainer that I was loosing money fast.

I decided to stop it for a while and until about a year ago I started up again, but this time I wanted to do it the free way.  That means pure SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and long hours writing articles and coming up with clever domain names to steal traffic.

I have literally tried it all, article marketing, niche sites, domain flipping, report writing, Facebook advertising, local sites, PLR sites, my own products and lots and lots of business coaching.  I have bought nearly every $29 product that has come out and purchased products over $2000.  I can’t say they were a waste, because each little product or course had something to give.

I have started a new blog about all my experiences in this tough world of internet marketing, you can take a look at

In there you will find resources on the best programs, software  and courses to use no matter what angle you wanting to take to achieve your online financial success.  I have tried and tested every one of the resources I tell you about and it’s my honest opinion of what I think about them.

If you wanting to make real money online, then Make Money Blogging should be your only resource to the best products on the web.  Remember I have purchased these products and tested them out, some where looses and some where winners.  You need to find your path though, how do you want to make money online… there are many ways!

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