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Finally, Discover How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Setup and Run Your WordPress Blog Without The Worries Of Not Knowing Where To Start…Starting Today!

Too Many Courses Presume You Already Know the WordPress Basics.  This Is Your Missing Link To Creating and Maintaining Your WordPress Blog or Website.  

As of July 2011, according to

  • 51,480,348 Websites use the WordPress platform
  • Over 284 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages using WordPress each month

It’s also a known fact that Google and many other search engines like WordPress blogs.

With that said, you’re all excited about using WordPress…

However, you are stuck and you face a few roadblocks:

  • You see time and time again how many courses jump straight into using WordPress, or automatically presume that you know how to set it up and maintain it.
  • You feel overwhelmed because this is another thing you have to learn.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You feel WordPress is too technical.

These roadblocks can often become frustrations that lead to not taking action and this roadblock keeps you from learning what is necessary to reach your goals.

Look…I’m here to tell you that setting up WordPress sites and maintaining them can take less than an hour…if you know how to do it.

In just moments, I will introduce to you a step by step training course that will show you that WordPress really isn’t too technical and that any newbie can install and use WordPress.

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In this video series, you’ll have access to 13 short videos that will show you how to install, setup, and maintain a WordPress website. Obviously we don’t want you to become overwhelmed, so the videos are split up into bite sized chunks …short and straight to the point. Soon you’ll have your WordPress website up and running in no time!

Here’s a list of this 13 part video series in more detail:

        • Video #1 – Introduction to WordPress
          In this video, you will be given an overview of how to setup and use a wordpress blog effectively for your goals.  You’ll also be given a quick overview of what you’ll be learning, in the rest of this video series, so you can speed the process of setting up your WordPress website faster.


      • Video #2 – Getting Things Ready
        Before you install WordPress, there are a few things you need to do to get things ready.  We’ll discuss those things and you can watch over my shoulder step by step and click by click how to do it.  It’s really not that hard and a non technical savy person can understand the process easily.


      • Video #3 – 3 Step Installation Using Fantastico
        In this video, you will learn how to install Fantastico using a 3 step installation.  This process literally takes less than 3 steps, however only works if you use web hosting that uses the Cpanel platform.  However if your web hosting company doesn’t use Cpanel, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered, read on…


      • Video #4 – How To Manually Install WordPress
        If your web hosting company doesn’t use Cpanel, but instead using their own proprietary hosting system, then in this video, you will learn how to install WordPress manually.  But don’t worry, I will show you click by click how to do this and I’ll walk you through the whole process.It’s not as hard as you would think.


      • Video #5 – Dashboard Walkthrough
        Once you have installed WordPress on your domain name, I’d like you to have a quick walk through of the administrator dashboard.  This dashboard allows you to control your WordPress blog or website easily, but often it can be cluttered and hard to understand if you haven’t used it before.Before we talk about how to use the other parts of WordPress in detail, I want to give you a quick tour of the inside so you know what to expect.


      • Video #6 – Themes
        Want a professional looking website without having to know web design code? WordPress Themes are easy to find and install.  There are thousands of free WordPress themes out on the internet, and you will learn in this video how to find them.


      • Video #7 – Plugins
        Plugins are applications that attach to the WordPress system and allow you to create forms, add slideshows, customize your website with many add-ons that make things more user friendly for your viewers and readers.  In this video, you will learn how to find plugins, how to separate good ones and bad ones, and most importantly how to install the plugins onto your website.  Don’t worry, it is very easy and you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily you can install several plugins within less than a few minutes.


      • Video #8 – SEO Optimize Your Blog
        Before you add any content, it would be wise to optimize your blog for SEO.  In this video, you will learn how to make your blog search engine friendly to Google and other search engines.  Doing so will allow search engines to come to your site and know exactly what your site is all about.  By doing this simple step, you make ranking your website in the search engines easier.  In this video, you will learn how to do that.


      • Video #9 – Categories, Links, and more
        Want to know how to add categories and links to your wordpress blog to the sidebar?  In this video you will learn how to to go about doing just that.  Categories as you know give you the ability to separate content and also make it user friendly for not just your viewers, but for the search engines as well.  You will learn how to do just that in this video.


      • Video #10 – Widgets
        Widgets?  What are those?  Widgets are part of the WordPress system and if you know how to use these, you can customize your website or blog quickly and easily.  Let me give you an example here.  If you look at a WordPress website, parts of it are widgetized, meaning you can add things to it easily and they are easily customizable.  The sidebar which is located on the right hand side is a good example of an area that is widgetized.  You can often take plugins, for example a slideshow and drag and drop it into a widgetized area.  In this video you will learn more on that.


      • Video #11 – Blog Posts
        Now that you have your WordPress site up and running, it is time to add some content.  In this video you will learn how to create blog posts.  Posts allow you to add content to your WordPress site or blog.  It’s as simple as that.


      • Video #12 – Uploading Images to Your Post
        Would you like to know how to add images to your post?  Adding images make your blog posts interesting, especially because not everyone is a textual learning.  In this video you will be able to see how easy it is to add images to your WordPress blog posts.


      • Video #13 – Add Video
        Would you like to know how to add video to your blog posts?  There are several avenues to doing this, however in this video you will learn the easy way to adding video to your posts.


So…with that said, grab this FREE video series today, and learn how to install, setup, and maintain your WordPress website!

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You may be asking why for FREE, when other similar online courses are sold for over $200? Well, I believe in providing good content and giving people the tools to be able to help them build their own websites. i could easily charge for this, but I haven’t, because I also want to create an awareness for WordPress as a great platform to create a website.

So go ahead and sign up now, seriously there is no catch, try it out.

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