Google Leading the Charge in Acquisitions




Google is generally known to be the most acquisition friendly company in the industry.  With well over a 100 major take overs since 2001, some well into the billions of dollars.  in 2011 Google purchased 25 firms, that is one firm every second week.

For quite a while Google seemed to be going wild and acquiring a lot of startups which are outside their original business sphere of being a search engine.  Maybe there plan was to take over the world, who knows, but since Larry Page has returned as CEO, Google have seemed to be a lot more focused on what business they are actually in.

According to an article from, David Lawee, who heads Google acquisition department says the follow:

“Google operates seven businesses. It’s not starting new ones anytime soon.  Over the previous decade, Google had expanded beyond search into dozens of new products and services, and many at the firm felt that it had lost focus. At my level in the company, people wanted a sense of our own destiny,” Lawee says. “There was a perception we were losing to competitors. I felt that a year ago, a year and a half ago. I don’t feel that now.”

Since Page has been behind the wheel acquisitions have certainly not slowed down, but the nature of the companies that Google is interested in has changed.  What’s changed is that Page and his management team have mandated that all Googlers focus on seven business areas, and that they don’t look to expand Google’s reach beyond these core initiatives. The seven areas are: search, advertising, social networking, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and local mobile commerce.

Their acquisitions in the last couple of years is certainly testament to those businesses.  So to anyone thinking of getting bought up by Google in there plot at world domination, make sure it fits into their future plans.  Below are some of Googles recent purchases.


Date Company Sector Amount
April, 2003 Applied Semantics Online advertising $102,000,000
Jul 7, 2005 Current Communications Group Broadband Internet access $100,000,000
Aug 17, 2005 Android Mobile software $50,000,000
Jan 17, 2006 dMarc Broadcasting Advertising $102,000,000
Oct 9, 2006 YouTube Video sharing $1,650,000,000
Dec 18, 2006 Endoxon Mapping $28,000,000
Feb 16, 2007 Adscape In-game advertising $23,000,000
Apr 13, 2007 DoubleClick Online advertising $3,100,000,000
Apr 19, 2007 Marratech Videoconferencing $15,000,000
Jun 3, 2007 FeedBurner Web feed $100,000,000
Jul 2, 2007 GrandCentral Voice over IP $45,000,000
Jul 9, 2007 Postini Communications security $625,000,000
Jul 30, 2008 Omnisio Online video $15,000,000
Aug 5, 2009 On2 Video compression $133,000,000
Nov 9, 2009 Gizmo5 Voice over IP $30,000,000
Nov 9, 2009 AdMob Mobile advertising $750,000,000
Feb 12, 2010 Aardvark Social search $50,000,000
Mar 5, 2010 DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site $25,000,000
Apr 30, 2010 BumpTop Desktop environment $30,000,000
Jun 3, 2010 Invite Media Advertising $81,000,000
Jul 1, 2010 ITA Software Travel technology $676,000,000
Aug 5, 2010 Social gaming $228,000,000
Aug 10, 2010 Jambool Social Gold payment $70,000,000
Aug 15, 2010 Visual search engine $100,000,000
Sep 13, 2010 Quiksee Online video $10,000,000
Jan 26, 2011 fflick Social networking service $10,000,000
Mar 7, 2011 Price comparison service £37,700,000
Apr 8, 2011 PushLife Service provider $25,000,000
Jun 9, 2011 Admeld Online advertising $400,000,000
Aug 15, 2011 Motorola Mobility Mobile device manufacturer $12,500,000,000
Sep 7, 2011 Zave Networks Digital coupons
Sep 8, 2011 Zagat Restaurant reviews $151,000,000
Sep 19, 2011 DailyDeal One deal a day service $114,000,000
Oct 11, 2011 SocialGrapple Social media analytics service
Nov 10, 2011 Apture Instantaneous search
Nov 14, 2011 Katango Social circle organization
Dec 9, 2011 RightsFlow Music rights management
Dec 13, 2011 Clever Sense Mobile apps
Apr 2, 2012 TxVia Online Payment

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